Duality and Beauty :: Eurasiatica :: The Equilibrium in Eurasian Art




" Duality and Beauty :: Eurasiatica "


        The current selection of statues, bronze, ceramic plates and textile objects from Asia and from Europe are forming the core exhibits of the "Eurasiatica" room.


        The main theme of the European and Asian Collection is called " Equilibrium in Eurasian Art ". This theme shall guide the interested visitor towards the balance between the adornments and ornaments versus the shape and structure of the sculptures.


        Featured artists: Kurtfritz Handel (Germany, Romania), Dali (Spain), Masters of South India, of China and of Thailand, Ceramic Masters of Hungaria and Romania, ...


        Style: The displayed objects have either an abundance of ornaments in the center of their design balanced versus a simple outer shape (predominantly  in Asian Art), or very much differently, the structure and shapes are dominating the whole design and reduce the artistic need for any additional adornments (often seen in European Art).


        The DUALITY constitutes in many of the displayed objects either a couple or a pair or "two of a kind", allowing the visitor to not only study the very specifics of this Native Art, but also to compare between two or more variants designed in the same artistic context.