Duality and Beauty :: Canadiana :: Animals and Myths in Canadian Art




" Duality and Beauty :: Canadiana "


        The listed selection of statues, masks and prints from the Inuit (Baffin Island and Cape Dorset, Nunavut) and from the  Westcoast and West of Canada (Calgary and Edmonton, Alta., Hope, B.C.) are forming the core exhibits of the "Canadiana" room.


        The main theme of the American Continent's Collection is called " Animals and Myths in Canadian Art ". This theme shall guide the visitor towards the high variety of styles to display the mythological animals like the eagle, bear and salmon, the raven, birds or even some animal spirits.


        Featured artists: Dennis Labbé (Alberta), Mark Totan (Alberta, Nunavut), Annie Tookalook (Nunavut), Carl Stromquist (B.C.), Tony Oqutaq (Nunavut), ...


        Style: The displayed objects show either very few colors (red, green, black), or none at all. They are focussing much more on the materials used, this allowing the natural texture of the stone or wood to take ownership of the artistic style. The simple and clear shapes underline perfectly the strong connection to the myths.


        The DUALITY constitutes in many of the displayed objects either a couple or a pair or "two of a kind", allowing the visitor to not only study the very specifics of this Native Art, but also to compare between two or more variants designed in the same artistic context.