The majority of collectibles in '4-Continents' originate from two major collections in southern Germany.


     To be named first, K.W.H., is an important author and writer from Bamberg, and also a collector of old African art, who continues to expand in second generation a collection founded by his father 91 years ago. It were his explanations and his patient guidance which help me to understand more of the rites of African tribes - important also to mention here is his grand library on  African art and culture. Most of my African masterpieces originate from his large collection of bronze, ceramics and wooden sculptures.


     In 2009, a second extention of '4-Continents' took place, due to a Munich auction of masterpieces of Dr. K.F.S. , a major german collector and specialist in both African and native art.  This way an Babembe/Bember statue and an Indian dancer found it's way to my growing collection.


The collection ´4-Continents´ consists of three separate parts. The first part is called  „AFRICAN ART meets GEOMETRY“ and underlines the geometric concepts in the art of Africa. The second and smallest part is „EQUILIBRIUM in EURASIAN ART“ and highlights the complex shapes or the artistic ornaments in Indian and European masterpieces. The Canadian section is called „Colors and Shapes in HAIDA-Art“ and roots deeply on the design and styling of colors and regular patterns. This North-American part concludes the collection ´4-Continents'.


       As a visitor of my '4-Continents', I kindly invite you to join me on this journey.

K.S.H  (September 2010)